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IRYO Distributed Healthcare Network

Iryo is the first participatory, blockchain driven healthcare network built on decentralising access to medical data.

We’re driving the next generation of healthcare by standardising health-data, employing zero-knowledge encryption and powering medical AI & Big Data research.

A Modern Health Network


Medical archetypes keep medical data consistent making it highly valuable to users.


High-level zero-knowledge encryption renders medical data useless to attackers.


Permission access controls enable the secure exchange of sensitive medical data.

Open-source API

We encourage developers to create solutions that will help scale the network.

Universal Health Records

An average patient consults 20 or more different healthcare providers in their lifetime. This causes electronic medical records to be inherently fragmented, stored in various formats and scattered across incompatible systems, leaving patients with no consolidated view of their true medical history.

Unified health records, solidified by the adoption of blockchain will enable patients to have secure access and allow them to selectively share their medical history anywhere in the world. OpenEHR archetypes will naturally ensure the interoperability of medical records regardless of location, increasing the quality of care provided.

Empowering Developers

Written in Go

Robust and easily scalable. We believe Golang is the perfect fit to help build the Iryo Network.

Apache License

We thrive on collaboration. The Iryo network should scale without our direct involvement.


API’s can be difficult to implement if not documented properly, we use Swagger.

Available on GitHub

A core value is providing ultimate transparency by publishing Iryo’s codebase on Github.

Data-Driven Healthcare

Inoperable Health Data

The healthcare industry accumulates vast quantities of highly valuable medical data every second. Due to the large quantity of individual service providers, each with their own unique data type, data becomes fragmented and quickly loses value for medical research. Iryo removes the silos by building its network on the back of openEHR archetypes. These data types are universally consistent and help drive the next generation of medical AI & big data research.

Creating Consistency in Healthcare

The use of an openEHR framework prevents medical institutions from reformulating existing data types. Having consistent frameworks across medical institutions allow domain experts (medical researchers and clinical specialists) to accurately define and use specific data points in their practice. This ensures global interoperability and increases the intrinsic value of health data.

Zero-Knowledge Medical Data

Medical Record Ownership

With the use of public-key encryption, the Iryo Network gives patients complete control and ownership of their electronic health record. This empowers patients to leverage their own medical data to better suit their healthcare needs.

Decentralised Data Storage

Zero-knowledge storage protocols will ensure that sensitive medical data will remain secure and completely impervious to cybersecurity breaches, including state-sponsored attacks. All medical data is stored on the patients device and securely backed up on two geographically & managerially redundant storage nodes.

  1. Patient Mobile Device Node

    • Decentralised, tokenized incentives, 247 access to medical record.
  2. Encrypted Iryo Cloud Backup Node

    • Audited, maintained, securely backed up.
  3. Encrypted Clinic Backup Node

    • Locally stored copy, evenly distributed, accessible with/without a network connection.

Public Blockchain

Accessing Data

Patients can now choose how they interact with their medical history.

  • Share medical histories with hospitals, specialists, and researchers, anywhere in the world.
  • Selectively reveal relevant parts of a medical record with a predefined time limit.
  • Acquire Iryo tokens offered by research institutions for the collection of anonymous health data.
  • Pay for medical services with Iryo tokens.
  • Access to a variety of cross-platform health apps within the Iryo Network.

Scaling with EOS

EOS will allow for the creation of an extremely efficient and scalable network. EOS “shards” will enable Iryo to create an extremely dynamic yet super lightweight chain resulting in lightning fast transactions. Sharing vast quantities of medical data between subjects of trust, such as doctors, specialists, and researchers will ultimately be less expensive, less time consuming and yield greater value for patients around the world.



Preliminary Research

3fs executed preliminary research on establishing common interoperability between international medical systems.



3fs provided initial capital and support to establish Iryo. The team began by validating several proof of concepts and pilot projects.



The Iryo Network was introduced to the public in order to address common downfalls of inoperable medical systems.


Iryo Public Release

Official crowdsale of Iryo tokens. Production grade, fully scalable implementation for Iryo partnerships.


Iryo Integration

Integration of interoperable unified health records, zero-knowledge storage, and blockchain permissions.


Network Expansion

Iryo Network system support and adoption of value-added services. Design and execution of Iryo certified clinics.